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4 Years of Blogging

4 Years of Blogging

#belgium #beer #burger #BBQ (hier: Hergenrath, Liege, Belgium)

Lift by #leichsenring in #hamburg (hier: Stadt Hamburg)

Birthday #cake for #breakfast from nice people at #atlantik #hotel #kiel (hier: Atlantik Hotel)

FOURTYEIGHT - Ta - Gracias - Takk fyrir! - ευχαριστώ - Thankee! Danke - Bedankt! - Muito obrigado! -

Thank youDetlev Artelt, aixvox GmbH, Aachen

A few days ago there was my birthday.

I got so many greetings, best wishes and news from friends that I am still overwhelmed.


In other words
Ta – Gracias – Takk fyrir – ευχαριστώ

and as well a

Grazie – Merci beaucoup – Dziękuję bardzo

and don’t forget a

Danke – Bedankt – Muito obrigado

and for sure as well

Cheers – Thankee – Teşekkürler

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ALSiceBucketChallenge – The End

ALSiceBucketChallenge at DETart Blog
ALSiceBucketChallenge at DETart BlogALSiceBucketChallenge?

Yes, what a cool idea and even better,

the Challenge show
the power of Social Media!

But I think it is over now.

Go and give your 100 bucks to someone who need it and enjoy it to give. Keep the illness of ALS in mind and as well the other deseace people my have.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this way to reach the people, to engage with a topic, but enough is enough.

My ALSice…

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A morning in #kiel in north of #germany (hier: Seehafen Kiel - die offizielle Seite)

Neulich im Bus (hier: Kielius)

48 (hier: ATLANTIC Hotel Kiel)

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Half a #Selfie at Motel One in #Hamburg - #halfselfie #motelOne (hier: Motel One)